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We only perform one hair transplant operation per day!
The success of the operation is our only priority.

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Dr. Ferhad YILDIZ

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Best Hair For a New You!

Dr. Ferhad YILDIZ's Operation Broadcast on Swiss SRF 1 Television

Dr. Ferhad YILDIZ Hair Transplant Clinic,
Istanbul - TURKEY

The Hair Transplant Clinic, established in Istanbul, Turkey in 2016

The Clinic has served thousands of patients around the world with the most up-to-date methods in hair transplant and hair treatments.

Why You Should Choose Us?

Our Expertise

We have over 10 years of experience.

We have worked on over 3000 patients and achieved the best results.


The quality of our work stands out.

We work very hard to create the absolute best natural look for you.

One Patient | One Day

You're important for us and We care about you.

That's why we only perform one operation per day. The quality of our work stands out because you'll be our only focus on surgery day.


We'll be straight and honest with you.

We'll fully brief you before the surgery and tell you what to expect after surgery so you'll have the idea of your look after full recovery. We don't sell empty expectations.


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Satisfied Patients

Our Services

Operations We Perform


Hair Transplant

Fue Hair Transplant is the most common method we use.

No stitches;
State-of-the-art technique.


Female Hair Transplant

Generally patients with hair loss in the hills and bays.

They are suitable for unshaven hair transplantation.


Beard Transplant

Facial Hair Transplant with FUE

One of the leading hair surgery operations requested by our patients today.


Eyebrow Transplant

Perfect Look

Full Restoration
Density & Natural Looking

Have Questions?

We're here for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hair Transplant

Recovery Timeline

1st Day
30 Minutes After Surgery
1st Week
Formations such as channels can be seen between the crusts.
1st Month
Most of the transplanted hair has been lost. The redness is almost gone.
1st Year
90% of the transplanted hair has grown & continues to thicken. Its form is very good, its growth rate is the same as your other hair. Enjoy !

The high quality of our work comes from our experience over a decade and our patience.
We only operate one patient per day.
We care about you!



Satisfied Patients

It's extremely important for us to be direct and honest with our patients, telling them the absolute truth about their surgery and what to expect afterwards. We don't sell imaginary expectations.



Over 10 years of Experience

We only perform one hair transplant opertaion per day! The success of the operation is our only priority.

When I decided to go to Turkey for a hair implant I was very anxious as I'm from Colombia this was a high risk going very far from home to have a surgery, but, since the first appointment with Dr. Ferhad, I feel very secure, his attention and his explanations about all the process were very clear additionally he never had problems with resolve my doubts even in person or by chat. The day of the surgery came and since the first moment the doctor and his team made me feel very comfortable and safe with the procedure until the last minute that I was at the clinic he was pending on me and worried about any pain or side situation that could happen.The procedure was excellent carefully done and until today the recover from it has been going well.Now, I already flown back to another country, but, we have been in touch with the Dr checking photos and reviewing the hair implanted and everything is good.I'm so thankful with Dr Ferhad and his team for my procedure.

Christian Villarraga 10 Nov 2021

Ferhad is transparent, honest and wants the best for his clients. Moreover he is a great person with positive attitude and when he says that you are his guest and not just a client that is exactly how he makes you feel. He and his team were on top of everything and made sure I didn't miss anything before, during and after my procedure, that I've completed just a week ago. I can't wait for the results and Ferhad is in touch and follows the development all the way.

Jawid Mirzadah 29 Sep 2021

A real expert at his job and a great character. Mr. Yildiz is very friendly and honest about evaluating the outcome of your procedure. With his experience in the field and a very helpful staff, you are going to have a great time and will be very satisfied.

Resad Coban 14 Jul 2021

Good service, pick up service, good and fast whatsapp communication to questions. Looking forward to see the result in 6-8!months

Thomas 09 Jan 2022