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Female Hair Transplant

Female Hair Transplant


Which Women Are Good Candidates for Female Hair Transplantation?

  • Those who have shedding due to traction or mechanical (external physical) factors.
  • Wound, incision scar, hair loss in the surgical operation area.
  • Women with postpartum or hormonal imbalances but not reversible hair loss after treatment.
  • Women with male pattern hair loss.

- Traction-induced hair loss treatment.

Especially in women, hair loss due to traction, which is very common due to the way of combing and collecting, especially the forehead hairline goes back and upwards over the years. this can lead to the loss of the ratio in the face and an aesthetically bad appearance. It is a surgical method that gives unshaven hair transplant, anterior hairline restoration, aesthetic and natural results in women with traction-related hair loss.

- Female Hair Transplantation for scars, incisions, surgical scars.

It occurs due to the loss of hair follicles as a result of tissue damage in the scalp due to previous trauma, surgery, etc. The only treatment method is to transplant hair to the area with hair loss. Unlike other hair transplantations, the hair transplantation to be done here should be done by evaluating the blood circulation. The blood circulation in the scar tissue is weaker than the other tissues, and most of the hair transplants that will be performed before the scar tissue is completely healed result in failure and complications.

- Woman with postpartum or hormonal imbalances but not reversible hair loss after treatment.

Hair loss is a very common problem especially in women during and after pregnancy. It usually occurs as a result of vitamin deficiencies and as in hormonal imbalances, hair loss as a result of replacement therapy is reversible and the recovery process is accelerated with medical hair treatments. but in some cases, genetically, the follicles cannot produce hair again and hair transplantation may be required. In general, the whole area is characterized by hair weakness. Although unshaven hair transplantation is suitable, more successful results can be obtained with hair transplantation on the partially shaved area.

- Female with male pattern hair loss.

They are generally patients with hair loss in the hills and bays. They are suitable for unshaven hair transplantation. The hair transplantation technique to be made in the gulf parts is very important in these patients. Different techniques are used with male hair transplantation.

Aftercare Hair Transplantation

Basic Package

  •   FUE Sapphire Hair Transplantation
  •  Surgery Performed by Dr. Ferhad YILDIZ
  •  Needle Free Anestesia
  •  Sapphire Pen
  •  Medical Kit + Hair Kit
  •  Hair Transplant Certificate
  •  24/7 Medical Doctor Online Consultation
  •   VIP Transfer (Airport, Hotel and Clinic)
  •  5 Star Hotel (HILTON - Double Tree / 3 Night Accommodation)

Premium Package

  •   FUE Sapphire Hair Transplantation
  •  Surgery Performed by Dr. Ferhad YILDIZ
  •  Needle Free Anestesia
  •  Sapphire Pen
  •  Medical Kit + Hair Kit
  •  Hair Transplant Certificate
  •  24/7 Medical Doctor Online Consultation
  •   VIP Transfer (Airport, Hotel and Clinic)
  •  5 Star Hotel (HILTON - Double Tree / 3 Night Accommodation)


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No. Because they are taken from the region that is not genetically programmed to fall out, they do not drip much if they pass through a successful adhesion process.
Patients with hair transplantation are discharged on the same day.
You can return home after your first wash. The first wash can be done at least 24 hours after the operation. Please note that our recommendation is to make the first wash in 36-48 hours.
Your first 10 washing operations are extremely important in terms of success. Easy to apply though and it can be done by the patient.
Hair transplant operations are performed under local anesthesia unless otherwise required. Sedation can be done according to the request of the patient.
If you follow the advice given by your doctor, you will not have complaints like pain or swelling.
After the 10th wash (about 12 days after the operation).
If you have a job that does not require heavy effort (manager, office worker, driver, etc.) you can return after 3 days. If you are a heavy worker then you can start working after 2 weeks.
You should stop smoking 3 days before the operation. Smoking reduces the rate of oxygen in the blood and it will decrease the success rate of the operation.
You must stop drinking alcohol 3 days before the operation. Otherwise, alcohol will increase your bleeding during the operation and also prevent the full effect of the local anesthesia.
Some drugs are left at different times prior to the operation under the supervision of a specialist physician. The clear answer can only be given by your physician.
After 2 weeks from the operationg you can have sex.
No. We don't require any money upfront. You only have to buy your plane ticket and send us a copy of that ticket so we can book your operation. You'll only have to pay us before the operation.
Turkey is not only cheap for these operation we also have the most experienced doctors. Dr. Ferhad YILDIZ is one of the most experienced, you'll get the best results possible.


Some Of Our Happy Paitents

It's extremely important for us to be direct with our patients, telling them the absolute truth about their surgery and what to expect afterwards. We don't sell imaginary expectations. That's why we have happy patients.

Good service, pick up service, good and fast whatsapp communication to questions. Looking forward to see the result in 6-8!months

Thomas 09 Jan 2022

When I decided to go to Turkey for a hair implant I was very anxious as I'm from Colombia this was a high risk going very far from home to have a surgery, but, since the first appointment with Dr. Ferhad, I feel very secure, his attention and his explanations about all the process were very clear additionally he never had problems with resolve my doubts even in person or by chat. The day of the surgery came and since the first moment the doctor and his team made me feel very comfortable and safe with the procedure until the last minute that I was at the clinic he was pending on me and worried about any pain or side situation that could happen.The procedure was excellent carefully done and until today the recover from it has been going well.Now, I already flown back to another country, but, we have been in touch with the Dr checking photos and reviewing the hair implanted and everything is good.I'm so thankful with Dr Ferhad and his team for my procedure.

Christian Villarraga 10 Nov 2021

Ferhad is transparent, honest and wants the best for his clients. Moreover he is a great person with positive attitude and when he says that you are his guest and not just a client that is exactly how he makes you feel. He and his team were on top of everything and made sure I didn't miss anything before, during and after my procedure, that I've completed just a week ago. I can't wait for the results and Ferhad is in touch and follows the development all the way.

Jawid Mirzadah 29 Sep 2021

A real expert at his job and a great character. Mr. Yildiz is very friendly and honest about evaluating the outcome of your procedure. With his experience in the field and a very helpful staff, you are going to have a great time and will be very satisfied.

Resad Coban 14 Jul 2021